We do market research transcription services on the basis of recorded video tapes and audio tape format. We suggest that you shoot focus group on video to allow transcriber to recognize multiple speakers
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We have some highly skilled transcriptionists which are able to translate Spanish to English and English to Spanish transcription service in expedient manner.
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We are highly convinced of transcribing for any performance because all work is performed by our highly skilled and experienced transcriptionists, well-known with diverse fields, variations in speech, English accents and dialects.

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We have been working with all kind of Law and related business on different Transcription and back office needs. We offer different legal transcription services like memorandums, legal argument, interrogation details, common public hearings and other legal transcription services.
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We offer transcribed data in any format like Word, WordPerfect and other formats as you may require. Give all the customization details about your formats that you require. Even we transcript audiovisual media content as well as give captioning and subtitling of TV shows and advertising etc.
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Raystranscript.com is the tremendous resource from where you can meet all your transcription needs easily. Obtain all medical transcription service at reasonable price within minimum span of time. Excellence in service, affordable price and fast deliverability made us one of the leading transcription services in India. Rays transcript is very reputed firm working since last 10 years in the field of transcript business.

We offer Legal, Spanish, Medical, Market research, TV Transcription services in Canada. Ray transcript offers customers satisfactory, full of alternative and cost-effective services with accurate, fast and most viable prices. Our services offer a number of important factors that make us excellent choice as your next transcription source.

Our team has a wide range of hardworking, integrated expertise in this field present at your ease. Price is the not only the criteria with us but we are firmly believer to build long- term relationship with our customers.

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