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TV Transcription

We offer transcribed data in any format like Word, WordPerfect and other formats as you may require. Give all the customization details about your formats that you require. Even we transcript audiovisual media content as well as give captioning and subtitling of TV shows and advertising etc.

We are well experienced in the field of media transcription. Our experience gives the frame in dealing with customers' demands in media transcriptioning. For the benefit of our customers we offer cost benefits transcription service. The files we receive for transcription are sent to our main development centre for transcription activities and after completion the work is sent back. Clients can directly upload the files to a pre-destined site and receive the transcript through the download link. We have sustained our high standards of quality as good service providers. We provide all kind of transcription services related with media sector that consist of news stories, interviews, featured reports etc.

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