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Legal Transcription

Legal transcription is about organizing legal documents from written or dictated information. Legal professionals, who are busy with their numerous activities, can outsource their legal activities with rays transcript's quality with quantity. We offer multiple services to our clients like data entry services, transcription services including medical transcription, voice transcription, Legal transcription, etc. For your Legal Transcription requirements we are the best option.

We provide various legal transcription services like general correspondence, letters legal pleadings and interrogations brief and other Legal transcription services. The transcription work is done by experts and professionals in this field. They are trained and well educated legal secretaries and paralegal as well. They are well trained and capable in the entire range of Legal Branches to provide services including- Hearings, Briefs, Pleadings, Letters, Memorandums, Licensing Appeals, Depositions, Evidence/Legal argument, Interviews, Court Proceedings, Interrogations, Judgments, Presentations, Legal Examinations, Public hearings, Arbitrations, Seminars and Conferences, Annual General Meetings etc.

We provide special training to our transcriptionists to make work more authentic and error free. We follow standard court guidelines at the time of transcripting the legal documents. We undertake random auditing to check the consistency of our legal transcription - resulting in an accuracy that will meet your expectations. Clients can deliver transcript files online and receive transcript files through email or FTPs. We keep your information confidential with us and offer you 99% cost benefit service. Customized services are also a feature with us. Make your Legal Transcription more convenient with us. Contact us regarding any queries on legal services. .

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